Hypnosis To-Go

Start your day with optimism with a quick dose of positivity

To help restore healthy sleep patterns and bring balance to your body clock.

Sound & Blissful Sleep

End of the Day Appreciation Reflection

Morning Gratitude

Lose Weight, Take Control

Obstacle Wall


Inner Sanctuary

Get Over Him!

Fit, Toned & Strong

Pre-Surgery Calmness

Post-Surgery Healing

Let Your Brilliant Light Shine!

To help you realize your uniqueness, and unlimited potential, then let your light shine.


To help you let go of extra weight and take back control of your eating habits.

Create a quick retreat to your own private sanctuary to refresh and recharge your spirit.

To help you get clarity and make the right move when faced with decisions or choices.

To help you identify and move beyond your obstacles.

For exercise motivation as you maintain your self-improvement path.

To help gain confidence, ease and readiness as you prepare for your upcoming surgery.

Gain positive perspective as you reflect on the events of the day.

To enhance and accelerate your recovery and healing process after surgery.

To help you regain your confidence and self-esteem and get your life back on track after a break-up.

18:48               $12.

20:20               $12.

18:00               $12.

5:37               $7.

14:13               $12.

20:10               $12.

5:51               $7.

5:21               $7.

10:11              $7.

6:40               $7.

15:09               $12.

17:01               $12.

MP3 Downloads

A guided meditation to comfort, calm, support and encourage you during chemo treatments.

19:47               $0.

Comfort During Chemo:  The Healing Garden

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