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Private Sessions / Group Classes

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Hypnosis Sessions: 

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 Future Progression Sessions: 

Single  Session - $250.

Series of 3-Sessions - $720.

 Past Life Regression Sessions: 

Single PLR Session - $250.

Series of 3-PLR Sessions - $720.

Past-Life Home Parties:

Invite a group of your like-minded friends and host a Past-Life Party!

Enjoy a fascinating evening, filled with insight, camaraderie and fun as you explore a past life experience and create wonderful memories together.

(Rio Verde or Fountain Hills only)

Contact me for details or schedule your free 15-minute consultation:

Future Vision Coaching

A unique, future-focused program for entrepreneurs and high achievers.

Contact me to see if it's the right fit for you.

DreamWork  (60 min)     $175

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